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Jan's Story

Jan Kortbeek

I’m Jan, Lighting designer for theatre, exhibitions and corporate events as profession and I have my own company in design, rental materials and personal. I’m based in The Netherlands.

Since the COVID outbreak my work and company has ground to a halt. So I was figuring out other options to keep busy. I already used some Wago gear but I couldn’t get it working with the programming languages. So I used Node-Red to talk to the plc.

Then I stumbled on a social medium over Paul’s PLC Courses. I saw some previews and I was hooked.

Paul is a great person, eager to teach and most important not afraid to make any mistakes during the teaching. With the challenging assignments during the courses Paul tries to get the most out of you. It really gives you a good feeling when you complete an assignment after a lot of struggle.

I think I couldn’t find a better way to spend time and a bit of money. It is really cool to learn new stuff and try to make a profession out of it.

After finishing 3 of the 5 courses I had my first programming job. Moving slates in a scenery piece for a theatre play. All the logic is in the PLC and I use Node-Red to make the conversion from Artnet to Modbus TCP. This way we can control the scenery with the lighting desk. And of course I also made the famous HOA control for it. I really can’t wait to finish the other two.

A note to the future students. Get this courses, I don’t think you can find anything better in the online environment.

Paul, Thank you for this great experience. And I wish you and PLC Dojo all the best!

Daniel's Story

Daniel I. Esinwoke

I’m Daniel I. Esinwoke from Nigeria, a graduate of MSc Automation Control and Robotics who developed passion in PLC Programming and Automation.

Researching on the way forward, I came across Paul’s PLC Programming Courses. I did PLC Fundamentals (PLC Programming from Scratch). Paul’s Teaching Techniques and Talent motivated me into doing all of his PLC Courses which includes PLC II, PLC III, PLC V and PLC-S.

Paul’s supports in terms of responding to my questions were second to none. I developed so much confidence.

Since then, I have been involved in many Oil and Gas Projects both onshore and offshore as I have worked in four different Companies in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry and I’m currently working in an offshore FPSO.

Courtesy of Paul - My Great Mentor whom I shall remain grateful to.

Nataliya's Story

Nataliya Klimovskikh

My name’s Nataliya and I'm an Automation Engineering student in Denmark.

I first discovered Paul’s courses when I was trying to figure out if Automation is something I would be interested to work with. Starting with the first course I finished three of them from the PLC series in half a year and was accepted to the college in Denmark to study something I became very passionate about.

Doing Paul’s courses gave me a head start in my college course and I was able to focus on making more advanced applications rather than trying to grasp basic concepts.

As a person with no technical background I can tell that information in the courses is cohesive and well explained. Paul shares excellent examples and best practices used in the industry. From the first course he builds your competencies from fundamental concepts up to advanced paradigms.

Start with the PLC I leaning basics of PLC programming. Test your knowledge by completing 9 projects in PLC II. Learn about different platforms for HMI programming in PLC III and finish with PLC IV that enables you to program in ST, FBD and SFC languages! Now you have everything you need for a successful career in the Automation field!

Endre's Stroy

Endre Kovacs

Automation Technician Villach, Austria

I've been working as an automation technician for most of my career. As a service technician, I've participated in processing line installations or worked in different countries as a production support technician for several years and was responsible for the flawless operation of production plants and supporting equipment in the US, the Middle East, and all over in Europe, therefore, I have traveled a lot and have seen even more. I have considered myself a seasoned automation technician with significant insight into the production industry.

But even with a good understanding to handle and troubleshoot PLC controlled lines, I knew that something is still missing to complete my overall knowledge and that was the programming part. I started to search for online courses related to programming to build-up my knowledge from close to zero.

That was the point when I have bumped into Paul Lynn's PLC fundamentals class. I've thought that I would give it a try and see what happens. After the third lesson, I have realized that this is the course that I and everybody else in my shoes exactly needed.

Since the PLC fundamentals, I have accomplished all the different courses Paul has to offer and gained lots of new knowledge in the field of PLC programming, visualization, and related topics. I found every course outstandingly well structured, easily understandable, and all of them packed with an enormous amount of useful material to learn. Besides the clear explanations and the substantial course material, the instructor offers almost immediate support in case somebody struggles or needs help which makes the PLC Dojo courses unique in their class.

Collin's Story

Collin McGee

I moved to Los Angeles, USA from Montreal, Canada with an ambition to become successful. After going from working various minimum wage jobs through a work agency, I eventually got exposed to Industrial Automation once I had started working as general labor at an industrial food rendering facility.

I knew that I already had a strong skill for problem solving and logical thinking, so when I started to see the operating systems, I did as much as I could to learn about it while still having to shovel endlessly. That's when I realized that PLC programming could very well be a great career for me. With a very strong sense of time management, I went on Udemy and purchased all of Paul Lynn's PLC courses and studied them on literally very free minute that I had.

I had to balance working 70+ hours per week while learning as much as I can about PLC. Despite that, within six months, I managed to finish most of the courses and landed a flexible higher paying job in PLC and SCADA programming.

So the bottom line is, I went from minimum wage to being a full time automation programmer without even getting a degree. It was all about proving that I am able to do the job that was required of me through using examples that I created with the help of Paul Lynn's courses. The courses have DRASTICALLY changed my life, and I can't thank Paul Lynn enough for this.

I went from struggling to live in Los Angeles to living very comfortably in Los Angeles.

Kiwi's Story

Kiwi Montana

Gidday, I'm Kiwi and I'm a Journeyman Electrician Licensed in Australia and NZ. I am now based in the USA working as a Process, UG and Open Pit Technician.

I began my Electrical Career in the early 1990's doing Commercial, Residential, Industrial and then I moved over to the Mining environment.

Being able to troubleshoot a field device by searching in Ladder Logic, test a Channel Connection and watch the Real World values change in an SCP Block in order to isolate whether an issue is at the Rack, or out in the field is extremely helpful.

Paul's Courses have helped me build upon my current knowledge of the RSLogix environment. I highly recommend these courses. I haven't completed all these courses, but if the rest are anything like the first two, I know that they'll help anyone looking to deepen their skills in HMI building and RSlogix Software.

Thanks Paul.

Abanoub's Story

Abanoub Emil

I'm Abanoub Emil from Egypt, graduated as an electrical engineer.

My graduation project was in industrial automation but I didn't know much about this field, as I remember my first meeting with my team I have heard many vague terminologies such as Unity Pro, SCADA, HMI, TIA portal, Rslogix, etc...

I struggled and suffered from frustration but I had no objection to try thus I started to dedicate my time searching for a reliable source to start with. I found nothing. All are sketchy excerpts.

Researching on the way forward, I came across the four Paul Lynn's courses. I did them all. I started with the first and second ones and within a few weeks, I completed them. they were simple, informative, enjoyable, and practical. -Especially, the second one. it was challenging yet enjoyable.

These courses helped me to understand everything about PLC programming from inception to execution in a very short time, so I could catch up with my colleagues.

By the first task assigned to me by our supervisor, I had to program the whole process. Everything was clear and easy even our supervisor was amazed at my productivity, as he asked me to make sure that I have done this task myself and if I can add more features, I smiled because I have already done them as I learned them and every used trick from Paul's courses.

Especially the third and fourth courses, they were like a treasure for me and as flat as a pancake. Everything changed owing to them, we implemented a great SCADA system using Wonderware and developed a PLC code with different languages which were easier and more sufficient.

Thank you, Paul, you paved my way!

Javier's Story

Javier Rodriguez

My name is Javier Rodríguez, I'm an Electrical technician from Guatemala

I got in contact with automation when I was 17 years old, and got fascinated with this topic, I first initiated my journey in automation using Siemens Logo! And Schneider Electric Zelio smart relays.

I am a very futuristic person and very ambitious too, I was willing to become an expert in the automation field, but I had no opportunities to pay a school to become a Controls and Automation Engineer. After many years and a lot of research on the web, I found professor Paul Lynn and a portfolio of classes in automation, I was not sure about taking his classes, but I gave a try. I started taking the Siemens class, and after the 3rd class I found a was a newbie in the field. His class was absolutely amazing, full of very interesting, important, advanced and accurate topics. His class was easy to understand and he was very clear in every topic addressed. Any doubt I had I talked to him and I got my questions answered politely and fast.

I then enlisted in his bootcamp for Allen Bradley, I was in the middle of the class when I got a job in USA as an Automation Engineer, and my first project was changing some logic in Siemens S7-319 PLC on a Krones Blown Molder for a Bottling company, even I was scared and nervous about this project, prof Lynn was an awesome support to get that project running nice, I can say that I wouldn't done this job without his class, then I was assigned to fix some recipe issues in a mixer controlled by an Allen Bradley SLC 5/03, and honestly, I was in the middle of prof Lynn class, but his class was so full of content and so advanced, that I had no issue to figure out what I haven't seen on his class yet, but I could go through a bunch of projects thanks to only his PLC I class.

I could not made this without prof Lynn's help, I can say I grown up in the field of Automation and Controls thanks to prof Lynn, if I wouldn't take his class, I still would be a middle class electric technician with an average salary.

I highly recommend prof Paul Lynn if you really wanna learn and don't waste your time and money taking other senseless classes, cause, I felt I wasted my money with other classes I took, till finally found proof Lynn.

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